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Segment 1: Invasive Species

Today's topic on The County Seat centers around invasive species, and more specifically, weed abatement. Invasives are costing you big tax dollars to fight off. The aim of this episode is to ask each level of government, Federal, State, and County, what their thoughts on the issue are and how they plan to work together to fight the problem.

Segment 2: Invasive Species Round Table Pt. 1

In this segment, host Terry Wood introduces the panel and looks at what the problem of invasive species is and what damage it could create across the state. Then, the panel looks at solutions to the problem and how the different government levels are working together to battle the problem.

Segment 3: Invasive Species Round Table Pt. 2

The group continues their conversation about weed abatement and invasive species. They continue their focus on potential solutions to the problem and ways the different levels of government can work in tandem.

Segment 4: Invasive Species Round Table Pt. 3

In our final segment, the panel wraps up the discussion and offers some helpful advice to people seeking to learn more about this problem.


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