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Segment 1: Agriculture Sustainability in Utah Pt 1

This week on The County Seat we are looking at the state of agriculture in UTAH. Over the past 40 years agricultural land has disappeared from the state at an alarming pace from growth. So what does that mean for local food production and self-sustainability for our state? Malia Bascom has the story.

Segment 2: Agriculture Sustainability in Utah Pt 2

Terry Wood joins with Lieutenant Governor, Greg Bell; Leonard Blackham, commissioner of the Utah dept. of Agriculture and Food and Larry Ellertson, Utah County Commissioner, to talk about the future and sustainability of agriculture in the State of UTAH.

Segment 3: Agriculture Sustainability in Utah Pt 3

What is the Agriculture Sustainability Task-force? Governor Gary Herbert assigned a task-force to look into the state of agriculture in the State of UTAH. Their findings were recently released and in this segment we talk about some of the suggestions that were made.

Segment 4: Agriculture Sustainability in Utah Pt 4

We wrap up our discussion about the sustainability of agriculture in Utah by talking about the problems caused by invasive species in the state.


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