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Segment 1: Rotational Grazing, S2 EP43 part 1

Deseret Land and Livestock has been using rotational grazing management for a few decades now. Rotational grazing is a system where the cattle are moved from pasture to pasture every 7-10 days and the plants are allowed to regenerate. The combination of grazing and appropriate rest has enhanced the range creating additional opportunities for cattle, wildlife, and forage.


Segment 2: Rotational Grazing, S2 EP43 part 2

Several ranchers have combined their allotments on public lands as a way of expanding the model that Deseret Land uses onto BLM and Forest Service land. The Three Creeks project is working towards a rotational grazing model that will allow the ranchers to keep their livestock on the range longer. Creating a better range and strengthening grazing in the county has a significant impact on the economy in Rich County. Livestock grazing makes up nearly half of the income for residents of the county.


Segment 3: Rotational Grazing, S2 EP43 part 3

When a cow is turned out for a season in a pasture the cow only eats the choice plants. Rotational grazing puts more cattle on a pasture but not long enough where they kill plants. With more cows on a pasture, they tend to also eat the less desirable plants instead of only eating the best and leaving the rest.


Segment 4: Rotational Grazing, S2 EP43 part 4

Our panel wraps up their discussion on rotational grazing by discussing how grazing stimulates plants and then how the rest period allows the plants to grow back.

Rotational Grazing Webcast

A continuation of our on-air discussion on rotational grazing and livestock grazing in Utah. The panel discusses the importance of livestock grazing on public lands to the state of Utah. The number of livestock on the land now is far less than it was several decades ago. Better management such as rotational grazing would lead to a better range and more available forage for livestock.

Rotational Grazing: Webcast Pt. 1

Rotational Grazing: Webcast Pt. 2

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