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Mental Health Services – The County Seat Episode 21- Seg1

Mental health treatment is one of the legitimate functions of county government, over the years of treating people who are mentally ill in the community the philosophy has changed from keeping people away from the community to bringing them into the community. Most people who are considered ‘mentally ill’ in Utah come under the direction of Mental Health Services, which contracts with counties to provide treatment. The goal is to keep people with mental illness a part of the community, where they have a better chance to thrive and even contribute to society. Places like the Independence House in Southern Utah, provide the opportunity for individuals to learn the skills to become better members of the community. They are learning computer skills, cooking, and the center even has it’s own rock band, The psychotropics. The Independence House is an example of an adult skills development program, but there are also outpatient, emergency services, case management, and in-patient programs available.

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