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Being the “city slicker” that I am I would have never imagined that Wild Horses would be such a contentious and emotional issue. It is doubtful that many people even know that there are 3,900 horses that are roaming the BLM range wild. It may be a surprise that as a nation we spend close […]

  There are a number of exciting innovations being made to the criminal justice system to avoid warehousing people who are suffering a mental health problem. Counties have traditionally been the safety net for people who struggle with mental health. Unfortunately the demand for service is greater than the resources of many counties can supply. […]

The first quarter of Season 5 has flown by. This link will take you to a packet that we provided to NACIO for consideration for recognition by the National Association of Counties. It has been really exciting to see the evolution of the show. A big thanks goes out to our sponsors who have made […]

Price, Utah—The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Price Field Office announces that the public scoping period for the San Rafael Desert Travel Management and Transportation Plan Environmental Assessment (EA) will run Jan. 21, to Feb. 21, 2015. The purpose of public scoping is to determine relevant issues that will guide the planning process and influence […]


August is Tax Relief MonthSalt Lake County has been reaching out to the community to let people know about tax relief programs that can provide some much needed help. Derek Dowsett attended one of their events for some background on available tax relief for all citizens in Utah who meet the qualifications.Terry Wood will sit […]

County Sheriffs and Federal Law Enforcement The question of who has authority has been a hot topic in the West. It most recently came to a boiling point in Clark County Nevada between Rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management. The standoff has many local elected officials, particularly the Sheriffs concerned that the […]

  Many of us are familiar with the assessments that take place on our own properties. You may have even appealed your valuation before. What about large industries that can cross several counties or even state lines? How are their values assessed? This week on the County Seat Terry Wood looks into how an assessment […]

The state has decided to move the prison facility in Draper. The discussion now is looking at where do you put a new prison? How do you finance it? and what can be done in terms of prison reform to lower recidivism. On this weekend’s show we look to answers those questions with Representative Eric […]

    The Wild Horse is an icon of the American West. As such they were protected under the Horse and Burro Act in 1971. 43 years later that very protection may be one of the biggest threats to Wild Horses. This week the program looks at the Wild Horse program administered by the BLM […]