August is Tax Relief Month

August is Tax Relief MonthSalt Lake County has been reaching out to the community to let people know about tax relief programs that can provide some much needed help. Derek Dowsett attended one of their events for some background on available tax relief for all citizens in Utah who meet the qualifications.Terry Wood will sit down and discuss the appeals process on property taxes and available tax relief with Kevin Jacobs, the Salt Lake County Assessor and Wayne Cushing, the Salt Lake County Treasurer. What are the qualifications, process, and deadlines?Link to the Salt Lake County Treasurer’s Office:              

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This Weekend’s Calendar of Events:

Beaver County Fair – 15 miles west of Beaver City on U-21.  For information call: 435-438-5081 AUG 21-23

Carbon County Helper Arts Festival Aug 15-17

Davis County Fair August 13th-16th:                                         Retirement as part of the Fair:                                 Garfield County : Bryce ATV Rally Aug 20-23 : Davis County 5K Walk/Run County Fair Mud Bog Aug 16

Rich County Fair Aug 14-16

San Juan County Friday Night at the Fort Jim Keyes Aug 15 County Fair Aug 13-16  

Weber County : Ogden Valley Balloon and Artist Festival Aug 15-17


Local vs Federal Law Enforcement on Public Lands. Who has authority?

County Sheriffs and Federal Law Enforcement

The question of who has authority has been a hot topic in the West. It most recently came to a boiling point in Clark County Nevada between Rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management. The standoff has many local elected officials, particularly the Sheriffs concerned that the federal government is overstepping it’s boundaries.

We invited Former Millard County Sheriff Ed Phillips, Garfield County Commissioner LeLand Pollock and Garfeild County Sheriff Danny Perkins to talk about the issue. Commissioner Pollock and Sheriff Perkins had just returned from meeting in DC on this very topic.

Centrally Assessed Taxes in UTAH


Many of us are familiar with the assessments that take place on our own properties. You may have even appealed your valuation before. What about large industries that can cross several counties or even state lines? How are their values assessed?

This week on the County Seat Terry Wood looks into how an assessment is made on these industries.

Chad Booth will follow up that conversation with a round table discussion on the problems that arise when one of these Centrally Assessed Properties appeals their valuation and ends up paying less on their taxes. For some counties it can have a huge impact on the budget.

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New Conversations involving the relocation of the Utah State Prison in Draper

The state has decided to move the prison facility in Draper. The discussion now is looking at where do you put a new prison? How do you finance it? and what can be done in terms of prison reform to lower recidivism.

On this weekend’s show we look to answers those questions with Representative Eric Hutchings and County Commissioner Mark Whitney. The additional perspective we look at on the show is how can the counties help?

About 20 counties are currently involved in housing state inmates already. The counties are already providing programs to help inmates tackle substance abuse. So the question now is how else can the state and counties partner to provide additional resources and services that will help people who are incarcerated get back into their communities and stay there.

You can get more info on the relocation of the prison here:

You may also want to watch our previous discussion on Wild Horses in case you missed it.