Chad Booth is the creator and host of The County Seat TV. He has worked in broadcasting since 1974. Of the thirty years working in broadcasting he has been producing independent programming for 22 of those years. He is married to Ria Rossi Booth who works with him in the production of their three shows.

One of the benefits of technology is it allows us to ask ourselves, “is there a better way?” This was a question asked a decade ago where the answer promises to yield a better system for the appraisal of property values.

There is a disconnect between the value of the services we depend on for our daily lives and what we pay for in taxes. Maybe one of the most loathed but most equitable is the property tax. The property tax is the foundation of funding for local governments. This week on the program we will look at how development of a software by assessor’s here in Utah has created a better system for appraising the value of property within a county.