Derek Dowsett is the Producer of the County Seat. Now entering his 11th season of the program, he has received what he considers a "Crash Course" in County Government.

Public Private Partnerships, try saying that three times fast. These are simply agreements between a public entity, Weber County in this particular case, and a private entity.
It’s been about a year since Weber County facilitated backstopping a bond assessment that will help get a new development at the top of Powder Mountain underway.
Summit Mountain Holding Group recently purchased the 10,000 acre Powder Mountain Resort, seeing it as the perfect home for bringing innovation to the Wasatch Mountains. The plan is to create a community made up of innovators, non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists.
The summit community has been built over the past 6 years with a mission to, “catalyze entrepreneurship, address global issues, support artistic achievement, and build community in an effort to make our world a more joyful place.” You can find out more about this organization here:
Weber County backed the project for a couple of reasons, as detailed by their County Commissioners in today’s show.

  •   Incentivize development of Powder Mountain to improve the county’s tax base
  •   Economic Development throughout the County
  •   Transform the county into a year-round destination
  •   Summit’s unique approach to the environment
  •   A good fit for the community overall

If you are interested in this particular project, please follow the progress through Weber County. Ask the commissioners questions and find out more here: Summit Eden Powder Mountain Community Development Project Area Plan and EBA.pdf