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Reducing the Fuels that drive Wildfire
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
We can’t control the weather or where and when a fire will break out but we can control the available fuels. A recent report from the state indicates that for every dollar spent on prevention, $17 dollars will be saved on the suppression costs associated with fires.

Terry Wood joins Senator Evan Vickers, Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Commissioner Lou Ann Adams and Director Brian Cottam from the Division of Forestry Fire and State Lands to discuss what is being done by the state to reduce Catastrophic Wildfire.

0:48 – Don Dunwell explains how 64,588 fires burn 7 Million acres per year with Lawrence Denney Idaho State Representative and Holly Fretwell fro the Property and Environmental Research Center

6:25 – Terry Wood visits the State Capitol and discusses the “Catastrophic Wildfire Reduction Strategy Report” with State Senator Evan Vickers, Lou Ann Adams from the Department of Agriculture and Food and Brian Cottam Utah State Forester.

11:49 – The Effect go Grazing on Wildfires.

16:58 – Increasing Public understanding and Participation.

23:59 – How Ranchers can help using “Green Stripping” with proper plant management and grazing improvement program funding.

26:55 – The Status of State Budget to fund and support the recommendations in the “Wildfire Strategy Report”

To get a copy of the Utah “Catastrophic Wildfire Reduction Strategy Report” Click here.

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