We finish up our series with the 4 republican candidates for governor with Jon Huntsman Jr. and Thomas Wright. Our interview followed the same line of questions as our previous interviews with Spencer Cox and Greg Hughes. You can see our previous interviews by clicking this link: https://youtu.be/TsRySJwjGmg

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Topics we were able to cover on the program with each candidate:

Top Priorities of Governance?

https://youtu.be/Hfz7XeYBgwo?t=48 Jon Huntsman Jr.
https://youtu.be/Hfz7XeYBgwo?t=720 Thomas Wright
Thomas refers to his plan which you can read at this link to his campaign website: https://www.wrightutah.com/jumpstart

How does Rural Utah fit into the bigger economic picture with the State of Utah?
https://youtu.be/Hfz7XeYBgwo?t=176 Jon Huntsman Jr.

https://youtu.be/Hfz7XeYBgwo?t=824 Thomas Wright
https://youtu.be/Hfz7XeYBgwo?t=1040 Thomas Wright

What is the role of Oil, Gas and Coal in Utah’s Energy Portfolio?
https://youtu.be/Hfz7XeYBgwo?t=333 Jon Huntsman Jr.
https://youtu.be/Hfz7XeYBgwo?t=867 Thomas Wright

What are your biggest priorities for public lands and water in the state?

https://youtu.be/Hfz7XeYBgwo?t=469 Jon Huntsman Jr.
https://youtu.be/Hfz7XeYBgwo?t=1206 Thomas Wright

There were topics we weren’t able to cover on-air which will be shared on our social media channels. https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheCountySeatTV/videos/

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