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Who owns the roads that run across public lands? That is a question that has often been a contentious issue in Utah. These rights of way are referred to as RS2477.

In 1866 the mining act was passed and there was a section of the law that granted ownership of roads across public lands to the counties. These roads were access to mining, timber, and grazing in most cases.

In 1976 the passage of the federal lands policy management act repealed rs2477 except for existing roads. In order for the state or a county to prove that an existing road is an RS2477 right of way they must show 10 years of consecutive use by the public prior to 1976.

Many of these road claims have to go through litigation in order to be resolved. However, in Juab County an agreement was reached among a number of stakeholders recognizing Juab County’s RS2477 rights to three roads.