What is a Second Amendment Sanctuary County?

Chad Booth sits down with Bill Stringer, Uintah County Commissioner, to discuss the recent second amendment sanctuary ordinance passed in Uintah County.

Gun Control Bills in the Virginia Legislature have sparked a number of counties and municipalities adopting ordinances that challenge state laws that are not consistent with the second amendment.


Counties in Utah are hoping to be proactive in adopting sanctuary status rather than waiting until a situation arises similar to what counties in Virginia are experiencing. This show looks at some of the issues counties are considering as they draft their own ordinances.

Guests this week:Dennis Blackburn, Wayne County Commissioner

Sheriff Kelly Sparks, Davis Countyhttps://www.daviscountyutah.gov/sheriff/about-us/meet-the-sheriff

Bill Stringerhttp://co.uintah.ut.us/departments/a_-_e_departments/commissioners/index.php
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Host Chad Booth
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ABOUT THE COUNTY SEAT: The County Seat is a public affairs program about the functions and issues of county elected officials and county government in UTAH. The County Seat is designed to provide the essentials to being an informed and engaged citizens in what we view as the most important level of government to daily life, county government. Topics range from the life of a ballot to the wild horses on public lands. The majority of Utah’s 29 counties are rural with a concentration of urban issues along the Wasatch Front. This dynamic lends an interesting twist to the show where we highlight a number of rural issues that the majority of Utahns may not be as familiar with. #CountiesMatter #CoutySeatS10E10 #2A

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