People in Crisis; suffering with mental health, behavioral health and substance use require immediate care. Often times these people end up in the justice system which can prolong the time it takes for them to get care and places them at the bottom of a much deeper hole. It is a struggle for law enforcement because they are trying to do their job to keep the community safe but jails aren’t well equipped to provide services for people in crisis. This week on the County Seat we will look at a pilot program in Davis County and how they are working to receive members of the community in crisis. They have built a safe place for people to come for help, answers and immediate access to services to help people get back on track. Show Highlights:
• The Davis County receiving center as a beacon of hope for people who need somewhere to turn for help.
• Is there a better way to serve people who are struggling with substance use, behavioral or mental health than taking them to jail?
• How does law enforcement keep both the community and individuals safe?
Our Guests this week: Chief Tom Ross, Bountiful Police Department Cunha, Receiving Center Program Director Bob Stevenson, Davis County Commissioner Sparks, Davis County Sheriff in to ABC4 Saturday Night at 11:05 or 8:30 Sunday morning for the conversation or watch it now by clicking the image above.* SUBSCRIBE to The County Seat:
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ABOUT THE COUNTY SEAT: The County Seat is a public affairs program about the functions and issues of county elected officials and county government in UTAH. The County Seat is designed to provide the essentials to being an informed and engaged citizens in what we view as the most important level of government to daily life, county government. Topics range from the life of a ballot to the wild horses on public lands. The majority of Utah’s 29 counties are rural with a concentration of urban issues along the Wasatch Front. This dynamic lends an interesting twist to the show where we highlight a number of rural issues that the majority of Utahns may not be as familiar with. #CountiesMatter #CoutySeatS10E09
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