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0:49 GRAMA feature story, the law and how it works.

7:04 Access to Records, who has access to what?

13:24 What information is requested? What are the abuses?

23:32 How can people protect their information from data mining?

With the explosion of the internet and other technologies the job of assembling mass information about your personal life is much easier than you might have thought.

Yes we share a huge amount of information with entities such as Facebook and Google but did you know that data brokers are also finding out information about you from another source that you probably weren’t aware of?

This week on The County Seat we take a close look at the Government Records Access and Management Act, GRAMA. What is the law and how does it affect citizens and local government; along with the abuses that occur because information is so easy to manipulate in its digital form.

Transparency is an important aspect of government and being able to hold people accountable for their actions. We will look at the GRAMA law and how you go about making a request along with the information that is available.

You can visit the State Archives for Utah at this address to learn more about GRAMA and begin your own search of records.

Our round table will look at both the benefits of GRAMA and the abuses that take place when data brokers make requests of local government records.

You can learn more about this issue from the Utah Association of Counties

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