Derek Dowsett is the Producer of the County Seat. Now entering his 11th season of the program, he has received what he considers a "Crash Course" in County Government.

Not too long ago I was thinking about the concept of public lands and some of the reasoning used for the need for having good plans for the future. It stemmed from a thought that the more people enjoy and visit an area the greater the risk that it will be, “loved to death”.

This lead to a Google search to see what kinds of ideas are floating around out there on this idea of what an article from Science Magazine in 1968 called, “the tragedy of the commons”. It’s an interesting read but goes beyond the scope of what I was trying to figure out and begins looking at the issues related to the broad issue of population growth.

The question that that article posed that seems most relevant to the conversations we often have about public lands was whether or not we live in a finite world.

My point is that there are a number of lenses that we use to view a problem. This weekend on the program we will look at the process involved in the Mountain Accord and look at how planning around growth can catch issues before they become problems.

The Mountain Accord is seeking to create a plan that will solve the issues related to a growing population in and around the Salt Lake Valley. I had the opportunity to go up some of the canyons that make up the Central Wasatch Mountains to get an idea of the scope of this planning process, and to find out where stakeholders feel the focus should be placed on planning for the future of some of our mountains and canyons.

Terry Wood will sit down with Laynee Jones, the project manager for Mountain Accord; Chris Robinson, from the Summit County Council and Brad Petersen, from the State Office of Outdoor Recreation to discuss what’s currently being discussed in the plan. I know my only understanding of the project when we started planning the episode is they were proposing tunnels that tied certain canyons together.

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