Derek Dowsett is the Producer of the County Seat. Now entering his 11th season of the program, he has received what he considers a "Crash Course" in County Government.

You know, you get in your car, you back down out of the driveway, you take off you drive down the road. You don’t think much about it. Turn on the switch the electricity comes on, you don’t think much about it. Turn on the water, water flows, you don’t think much about it. But in reality, all of these things require infrastructure. Infrastructure is a large public or private project that affects thousands of people within a community. They are the bridges that we build, they are the highways, they are the pipelines that brings the fuels that heat our home and run our cars. All of these things require investment, planning, and they involve crossing miles and miles of land. So when a county looks at developing for their future, they look at infrastructure development. And it can be hard to do in a place where the federal government is so prevalent. Some of Utah’s eastern counties decided that they wanted to take stock of what they had in infrastructure and how they could make it easier to develop it in the future.

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