What do you do when you are a citizen of a county but also live on the Navajo Nation and the roads that access your home aren’t being maintained?

The San Juan County Commission joined Chad Booth to discuss being asked to stop maintaining roads on the Navajo Nation and the impacts it’s having on kids getting to school. While the road was maintained by the county in the past, new developments relating to rights of way, ownership and jurisdiction have created a situation where county officials are stuck in the middle of bureaucratic red tape and the school buses taking kids from the reservation to school are just stuck.

We’ll talk about how the situation arose and what it will take to get an agreement to allow the county to maintain some of the roads within the Navajo Nation.


Touring a bus route off highway 191 between White Rock and Mexican Water on the Navajo Nation.

The complex relationship among the State of Utah, BIA, and the Navajo Nation that complicates San Juan County being able to work directly with the Navajo Nation.

While the Navajo Nation has claimed ownership and jurisdiction over the roads they lack the funding to keep up with maintenance.

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