The Bureau of Land Management is taking comments from the public as they begin the process of identifying improvements that could be made to the administration of grazing regulations on public lands. Comments need to be received by March, 6 2020 and can be made to the BLM here:

Chad Booth talks to several representatives from Utah about how big a deal this recent announcement is to ranchers on public lands. There have been attempts in the past to modify grazing regulations but for the most part nothing substantial has changed since the Rangeland Reforms made in 1995 by Secretary Babbit.

• Past attempts to make changes to the regulations created y Babbit in 1995.
• The need for flexibility for ranchers where conditions on the ground change quickly but getting solutions from the BLM can take years.
• This is an important opportunity for ranchers to make their comments to the BLM so their issues can be heard during the scoping period.

Our panel

Troy Forrest manages the Grazing Improvement Program, GIP, for the Utah Department of Agriculture

Tammy Pearson is a Beaver County Commissioner and Rancher.

Kathleen Clarke is the Director of Utah’s Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office, PLPCO and a former director of the BLM from 2001-2006.

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