Derek Dowsett is the Producer of the County Seat. Now entering his 11th season of the program, he has received what he considers a "Crash Course" in County Government.

Why does the property tax matters and how is it collected?

The are a number of offices and elected officials involved in the collection of the Property Tax. A majority of those dollars go to the school districts and are further divided among the County, Municipalities and Special Service Districts. While the County collects the money it does not all stay within the County.

Chad Booth discusses the available tax relief programs as well as some of the available exemptions for tax payers. Such As:

Primary Exemption
Indigent and Circuit Breaker Abatement
The Blind
and more…

Our Guests this week were:

Wayne Cushing, Salt Lake County Treasurer Angie Vise, Assistant Administrator, Salt Lake County Collections
Karla Johnson, Clerk/Auditor Kane County

Who do you contact about tax relief in #utah ?
Beaver Clerk/Auditor’s Office 435-438-6463
Box Elder Auditor’s Office 435-734-3388
Carbon Clerk/Auditor’s Office 435-636-3224
Daggett Auditor’s Office 435-784-3210
Davis Tax Administration 801-451-3367
Duchesne Auditor’s Office 435-738-1228
Emery Clerk/Auditor’s Office 435-381-3550
Garfield Treasurer’s Office 435-676-1109
Grand Clerk/Auditor’s Office 435-259-1321
Iron Auditor’s Office 435-477-8332
Juab Clerk’s Office 435-623-3410
Kane Clerk/Auditor’s Office 435-644-2458
Millard Auditor’s Office 435-743-5227
Piute Clerk/Auditor’s Office 435-577-2840
Rich Treasurer’s Office 435-793-5155
Salt Lake Treasurer’s Office 385-468-8300
San Juan Clerk/Auditor’s Office 435-587-3223
Sanpete Auditor’s Office 435-835-2142
Sevier Clerk/Auditor’s Office 435-893-0401
Summit Auditor’s Office 435-336-3016
Tooele Clerk/Auditor’s Office 435-843-3130
Uintah Clerk/Auditor’s Office 435-781-5362
Utah Clerk/Auditor’s Office 801-851-8225
Wasatch Clerk’s Office 435-657-3191
Washington Clerk/Auditor’s Office 435-634-5711
Wayne Clerk/Auditor’s Office 435-836-1300
Weber Clerk/Auditor’s Office 801-399-8400

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