Derek Dowsett is the Producer of the County Seat. Now entering his 11th season of the program, he has received what he considers a "Crash Course" in County Government.

The 2014 Legislative session saw nine bills dealing with the transfer of public lands. This has been a huge issue for Utah’s Counties because of the impact that public lands have on rural communities where access to the land for natural resources, grazing, recreation, etc. is paramount to the people who make a living off the land. The Governor goes into some of the details on a couple of these bills ranging from the transfer of public lands to Utah’s state plan for Wilderness.

Another big issue this past legislative session was the discussion of what to do about the expansion of Medicaid. County Mental Health Services are concerned that changes could affect federal block grants that they currently receive to provide services. Governor Herbert goes into the details of the proposed Healthy Utah Plan covering the reasoning from the states perspective and how it affects Utahns.

A previous program looked at the issues involving Counties and the funding of the maintenance and construction of roads. Governor Herbert talks about some of the solutions from his perspective and predicts that we will see some progress road funding on the 2015 legislative session.

Air Quality discussion usually revolves around the inversions we encounter during the winter. Governor Herbert talks about some of the State’s Progress towards cleaning up the air along the Wasatch Front.


1:30 Utah’s Wilderness Act HB160

2:37 Interstate Compact on Transfer of Public Lands HB164

7:20 Medicaid Expansion in Utah

8:35 Healthy Utah Plan

14:57 Other States are waiting to see what happens with Utah’s Plan

18:00 Discussing Gas Tax and how to fund roads and highway infrastructure in the future

20:49 “It’s a Double Whammy”

24:01 Wrapping Up discussing Air Quality


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